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Star of Destiny Chisoku Star
Illustration Miki Sato
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 39 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 410
From Queendom of Falena
Voice Goblin (Suikoden V)

Zweig (ツヴァイク, Tsuvuaiku) is an important character in Suikoden V. Zweig is an archaeologist harbouring an intense intellectual curiosity regarding the Sindar.


Zweig is an archeologist who specialises in studying and researching the Sindar civilisation. Over the years, he had researched and explored many Sindar ruins in the Queendom of Falena while working in academia on the matter. Unlike Lorelai and Killey, Zweig insists that his interest in the Sindar is purely academic, though he is just as obsessed as they are with the idea of the Sindar. He is also proficient with a bo staff, which aids his explorations of ancient Sindar ruins.

Zweig was invited to Marscal Godwin's gathering of Sindar experts just prior to the outbreak of the Sun Rune War, but, suspicious of such an invitation, he turned it down. Lucretia Merces heard about this and hired the Oboro Detective Agency to track him down in secret. They were not the only ones who tracked him down, however – it was thanks to their tracking of Zweig that Zweig met Lorelai, who would pester him about his knowledge of the Sindar, though he would refuse to share much with the young girl. Zweig actually had a secret laboratory somewhere in Falena where he kept all of his research materials on the Sindar. Lorelai constantly demanded for him to take her there, but he played dumb with her, insisting that such a thing didn’t exist.

After becoming the Imperial City Recapture Army's strategist, Lucretia directed them to Zweig to go explore the Ceras Lake ruins that Zweig had discovered. After exposing the castle submerged there, Zweig decided to join the force in order to study it. While serving in the army, he would meet Killey, who told him a story about the Crimson Pilgrims.

Analyzing Killey’s story, Zweig thought he had uncovered the home of the Crimson Pilgrims, and after the war, followed Killey’s story; however, all he found was a single, towering tree. Adding to his bad luck, Lorelai also stole all of Zweig’s research materials.


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