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Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 49 (Suikoden)
Birth Year SY 409
From Warriors' Village, Toran Republic
Family Tengaar (daughter)

Zorak (ゾラック, Zorakku) is a supporting character in Suikoden. Zorak is the loquacious chief of Warriors' Village.


“ Do you want to hear more? I have another good story. ”

Zorak is the father of Tengaar and the leader of Warriors' Village. Zorak has a high amount of proud of his heritage and held a great deal of historical knowledge about both the Warriors' Village and the greater Lorimar region, often sharing the legends of Warriors' Village with others, despite reactions against him doing so. When the hero arrived, Zorak took him into his home to explain the village's situation with Neclord as well as tell him of the customs of Warriors' Village, talking until the sun had set.

In the morning, Neclord arrived at the village, seeking Tengaar. Zorak vowed that Neclord would not take Tengaar but was powerless to prevent him from doing so. After marching to Neclord's Castle, Zorak demanded his daughter returned, but Neclord refused, preventing all but McDohl and his party from entering his castle. Zorak begged the hero to rescue Tengaar and granted Hix full warrior status so Hix, too, could help rescue Tengaar. In truth, he had known of Hix and Tengaar's relationship and so tried to help Hix fulfil his potential as a warrior.

After the defeat of Neclord, Zorak formed an agreement with the Toran Liberation Army, vowing that the warriors of his village would serve the Toran Liberation Army. During the last battle, Zorak led his men to Gregminster in order to assist the Toran Liberation Army. Speaking on the war, Zorak claimed that it had been a wonderful one and began to speak of his ancestor, Clift the Crusader, but the Toran Liberation Army charged into Gregminster before he could complete his story.


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