Zexen Knights

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The Zexen Knights are the knightly order of the Zexen Federation. They appear in Suikoden III.


The Zexen Knights are based out of Brass Castle, near the border with Grassland. The order was established for Zexen's self-defence shortly after the nation's establishment. Although a military order, they are under civilian control as they are subject to the orders of the Zexen Council, with some knights under the direct command of council members.

Zexen Knights can fight both on foot and on horseback. They wear heavy, full-body armour and as such, they tend to have very high defensive ability in battle and are difficult to fight head-on. Zexen Knights are also known to be excellent sword wielders.

Immediately prior to the War of the Champions, Galahad, the Captain of the Zexen Knights, and his deputy, Pelize were killed in battle against the Six Clans. Following this, Chris Lightfellow was established as head of the order, following her bravery in battle, leading the Zexen forces to victory.


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