Zexen Federation

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Zexen Federation

Capital Vinay del Zexay
Established SY 420
Rulers Zexen Council
Continent Northern continent
The Zexen Federation (ゼクセン連邦, Zekusen Renpō) is a nation that forms part of the focus of Suikoden III. It is also mentioned in Suikoden II.


The Zexen Federation is a center of commerce that lies to the west of the City-State of Jowston, even futher west than the Grassland. It is a bustling area, dealing in a wide range of industries and taking in products from all over the world.

Gezel Hyatt was a trader who built a harbor in Vinay del Zexay, allowing it to become a center of trade. Following this, the town continued to develop and in 420, a parliamentary federation was established in the city, beginning the Zexen Federation.

The Zexen Council oversees political matters, while the merchant's guild controls the economy and the Zexen Knights were established to strengthen the Zexen military. Over the years, Vinay del Zexay would become one of the continent's leading cities. As a major commercial center in the west, it is an extremely appealing location for traders and the merchant's guild holds a great deal of power in the enforcement of government there.

However, the nation has had frequent border clashes with the Grassland and this, in part, led to the invasion by the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia during the War of the Champions.


Deer antlers are the adopted national emblem of the Zexen Federation. This is because Vinay del Zexay, the nation's capital, was established on the trading of these goods.


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