Zexen Council

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The Zexen Council (ゼクセン評議会, Zekusen Hyōgi-kai) is the administrative body that governs the Zexen Federation. It appears in Suikoden III.


The Zexen Council is the government body of the Zexen Federation, which sits at the Council building in Vinay del Zexay. The council had its beginnings in the merchant's guild that controlled the city, eventually forming a governing panel to determine policy. Its members are chosen by the most powerful merchant guild.

Although the council appears outwardly to be an effective administrative body, intense power struggles and conflicts over social position rage in its halls. During the War of the Champions, several council members appeared to be conspiring with the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, causing further problems, and limiting the council's participation in the conflict as the political intrigue played out.


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