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Star of Destiny Chisyu Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 10 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 451
From Forest Village, Dunan Republic

Yuzu (ユズ, Yuzu) is a character in Suikoden II who also appears in Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2. Yuzu is a young shepherdess who participated in the Dunan Unification War.


Suikoden II

“ Oh! What a little cutie! I'll raise it up big and strong. ”

Yuzu is a young shepherdess who was separated from her grandfather during the Dunan Unification War. The leader of the New State Army helped the young shephardess find her sheep, who had gotten lost in the forest behind Kobold Village. In gratitude, Yuzu joined the New State Army, where she took care of animals, providing food for Hai Yo.

Yuzu frequently branded her animals based on their use. Only one of Yuzu's animals, Taro, was marked as not for consumption.

Following the war, Yuzu was reunited with her grandfather, and returned home with Taro.



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