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Star of Destiny Tensyo Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 13 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 463
Height 158cm (5'2") (Suikoden III)
From Alma Kinan Village

Yun (ユン, Yun) is a major character in Suikoden III. Yun is a member of the Alma Kinan possessed with the power of clairvoyance.


Yun's profile
“ A shaman from the Alma Kinan Clan. She has the unique ability to speak with spirits. ”

Yun was a shaman of the Alma Kinan who had the power to divine the future. Possessing a gentle, pure personality, she was a friend to all plants and animals, frequently communicating with them.

Due to her power, and time spent with Jimba, Yun knew a lot about Chris Lightfellow. During the War of the Champions, she would travel to the Chisha Village with Yumi in order to bring Chris to the Alma Kinan Village so she could tell her about her father and the True Water Rune before its seal would be broken by the soul-sending ritual.

The Destroyers would attempt to interrupt the ceremony to try and find the location of the True Water Rune but they failed to stop the ritual and Yun would pass away. Proud to have played a part in saving the Grassland, through the soul-sending ritual, Yun would become one with the spirits of the Grassland.


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