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Star of Destiny Tenyu Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 26 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 450
Height 160cm (5'3") (Suikoden III)
From Alma Kinan Village

Yumi (ユミィ, Yumyi) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Yumi is a demure member of the Alma Kinan.


Yumi's profile
“ A girl from the Alma Kinan Village with the special ability to speak with the spirits. ”

Yumi is a warrior of the Alma Kinan possessed with a dignity befitting one with the ability to commune with the spirits. As a warrior, she has stunning bow prowess. Unusual for their people, she and Yuiri would leave their village in order to find Chris Lightfellow at the behest of Yun. Innocent and kind-hearted, she had spent all her life in the Alma Kinan Village before their adventure.

Following this mission, both she and Yuiri would join the Fire Bringer at Chris' request in order to protect the Grassland, arriving at Brass Castle in time to help the Fire Bringer fight off a Harmonia attack. She would prove to be popular among the men at Budehuc Castle, not used to the dating scene, she would turn men down because she didn't know how to deal with them. Among those, Nash, Ace and Joker may have simply seen trying to get information from her, so she could have been accidentally protecting her own culture, although Yuiri had to step in to get her away from Ace. Kidd even remarked that he wished he was older, so he could get to know Yumi on better terms. Yumi would often settle matters for the more aggressive Yuiri, though, as she had the better people-skills of the two.

Following the War of the Champions, she returned to the Alma Kinan but had developed an interest in the outside world that led her to leave the village occasionally.


  • Yumi's weapon upgrades as Yooka SIl, Coola Sil. The first one, plain SIl, cannot be seen without a cheating device. These are the same names as Yuiri's weapon.
  • Yumi learns the unique skills Sharp Shoot and Magic Rationing. She is able to get most of her skills to B+, but only Sharp Shoot to A level. She is slightly more magic oriented than Yuiri.
  • Yumi participates in the Alma Kinan attack with Yuiri, where many arrows are fired at the enemies.


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