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Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Family Kyril (son)
Voice Kobashi Tomoko

Yohn (ヨーン, Yōn) is a major character from Suikoden Tactics. She is the silent and mysterious companion of Walter and Kyril who possesses a strange power.


“ Every ending is but a new beginning. ”

Yohn was a being who lived in a different world to that she found herself in. When Warlock's experiments brought the Giant Tree to his world, Yohn was also dragged between worlds and deposited her in a strange, unfamiliar land. In this world, she was unable to talk and would wander in silence for some time.

She would eventually meet Walter and, despite her silence, the two would form a bond, eventually falling in love. Yohn would later give birth to Kyril, their son. Following Walter's exile, Yohn would travel with him and Kyril, using her unique talent to hear the voices of the recently deceased to help Walter in his investigation into Rune Cannons, hoping to find a way home. She and Walter would keep her identity as Kyril's mother a close secret but Yohn was always very close and protective of her son, often nestling beside him.

After following Kyril inside the dome the Evil Eye had created, she was able to communicate Walter's wishes to her son, as well as speak directly to him, revealing their relationship. After their brief family reunion, Yohn would return to her own world, along with Walter's soul.


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