Yellow Mercenary

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Yellow Mercenary
Yellow Mercenary.png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human

The Yellow Mercenary (黄傭兵, Ki Yōhei) is a minor character from Suikoden Tactics. The Yellow Mercenary is a sword-for-hire often found in the employ of X & Co..


The Yellow Mercenary was a mercenary swordsman, specialising in the bow, who was hired frequently by X & Co. in their attempts to displace the rival Chiepoo & Co.. He would fight under the Mercenary Leader and alongside his companions, the Blue Mercenary and the Red Mercenary, normally providing covering fire from the rear in battle.

As part of these attempts, he would often come across Kyril but after countless defeats and a final battle against Kyril's group, he would join their side.


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