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Star of Destiny Chisin Star
Illustration Kizaki Sub-Zero
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 35 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 414
From Island Nations Federation
Voice Tanaka Hideki (Suikoden V)

Yahr (ヤール, Yāru) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Yahr is an officer of the Island Nations Federation charged with the investigation and recovery of Rune Cannons.


Yahr was a secret intelligence officer serving in the navy of the Island Nations Federation. Charged with finding and recovering Rune Cannon components on behalf of the Federation, he is the direct superior of Nelis. Although he appears to be neglectful when it comes to work, he is actually highly skilled and has a particularly good memory for details.

Like Nelis, over time he grew to view Rune Cannons as having a negative influence on the world. He even went so far as to not report and even destroy rune cannons he found. Yahr originally started this task alone; however, Nelis was later assigned to help him.

Yahr would join the Prince along with Nelis when he helped them stop some pirates who were intent on making off with an old Rune Cannon found upon the missing Island Nations Federation vessel, the Kerzalik. After they had seen the power of the device, the Prince offered to help Nelis and Yahr destroy it. Nelis and Yahr were deeply impressed by this, and decided to join the Imperial City Recapture Army in return.

Yahr enjoyed his time in Falena, learning about the new culture and even taking the time to watch some of his fellow countrywoman Chisato's puppet plays.

After the Sun Rune War ended, Yahr and Nelis returned to the service of the Island Nations, but not for long. Together, they snuck into the place where the rune shells were kept, and destroyed them all. They quickly fled the Island Nations, but Skald Egan was said to be right on their heels.


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