Wyatt Lightfellow

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Wyatt Lightfellow
Star of Destiny Tenfu Star


Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 92 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 384
Height 182cm (6'0") (Suikoden III)
Family Anna (wife)
Chris (daughter)

Wyatt Lightfellow (ワイアット・ライトフェロー, Waiatto Raitoferō), also known as Jimba (ジンバ, Jinba), is a major character in Suikoden III. Wyatt is the father of Chris Lightfellow and bearer of the True Water Rune.


Jimba's profile
“ A soldier of the Karaya Clan with a mysterious past. He assists clan chief, Lucia, along with Beecham. ”

Wyatt Lightfellow was a bearer of the True Water Rune and the father of Chris Lightfellow. Around the year 425, Wyatt fought alongside Geddoe and the Flame Champion against the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia's invasion of the Grassland.

Following the war, he tried to live a normal life in Zexen, marrying Anna and fathering a daughter, Chris. When the Howling Voice Guild came close to tracking him down and almost killed him in an assassination attempt, Wyatt decided to forsake his old life entirely in order to spare his family any danger. Sealing away his True Water Rune, Wyatt would end up moving to the Karaya Clan and becoming "Jimba", with the help of Lucia.

Even during the War of the Champions, Wyatt maintained his façade as Jimba until he travelled to the True Water Rune seal in order to protect the rune. He would encounter the Destroyers there and be defeated by Luc. With the arrival of Chris at the ruins, Wyatt would be able to confess to Chris his true identity. Saying that he always loved Anna and Chris, Wyatt would pass on the True Water Rune to his daughter, the last remnant of his life, before dying peacefully.



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