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The Winged Horde (ウイングホード, Uinguhōdo), sometimes referred to as Winghorde and, colloquially, Wingers, are a race in the Suikoden series. Several characters in the series have been members of this race.


The Winged Horde are a demi-human race, with large wings on their back. Their wings do not support sustained flight. Rather, they are used for gliding purposes. They use nerek, a foul-smelling liquid to protect their wings and repel insects. This and their custom of storing food for long periods of time, gave rise to a stereotype of Winged Horde as odourous. They were also known as sanguine, which lent itself to mischief.

Their largest known settlement is in Two River City, although other communities apparently exist in the Grassland. They once had settlements in Tinto Principality but were expelled from the area as Tinto's strip mining began to damage the land. A displaced people, the Winged Horde were brought to Two River City by Genkaku in 432, where they were given land on the sandbar that divides the Lana River and recognized as citizens with the right to be involved in the civil process there.

The reputation of the Winged Horde in Two River suffered to a lack of cultural understanding between the races there. However, their bravery during the Dunan Unification War was noticed and following the conflict, the persecution they suffered in the past has ceased.


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