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Star of Destiny Chisu Star
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 24 (Suikoden)
Birth Year SY 434
From Warriors' Village, Toran Republic

Window (ウインドウ, Uindou) is a character in the original Suikoden game. Window is a young man of the Warriors' Village with little interest for the village's traditions.


“ Ummm, ahhh, oh yes, Master Tir, wasn't it? What can I do for you? ”

Window, although a member of the Warriors' Village, was not training to be a warrior. He was the heir to the position of window craftsman and agreed to join the Toran Liberation Army when he was brought the Window Rune that he had been seeking since childhood. He held no interest in the martial traditions of the village, his passion instead laid in decorative window making.

At Toran Castle, he was able to install numerous windows possessed of both beauty and functionality. His talents were recognized as after the Gate Rune War he was commissioned to work on the grand windows on Magician's Island.

Game info

Window (portrait).png Recruit When your castle is at Level 3 or higher, bring Window in Warriors' Village the Window Crystal found in a chest inside the Cave of the Past.
War Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
Musicians Magic 60 11 3


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