Wind Rune

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Wind Rune
風の紋章 Kaze no Monshō
Wind Rune.png
Type Magic rune

The Wind Rune (風の紋章, Kaze no Monshō) is a rune which appears in many games in the Suikoden series.


The Wind Rune is one of the runes of the five elements. Its higher order variant is the Cyclone Rune. This rune allows its bearer to manipulate a mixture of both attack and support magic. Its effects mainly help to recover the stamina of the rune bearer and their allies. When attached to a weapon, it affixes the wind element to the weapon bearer's physical attacks.


Wind Rune.png
Wind Rune (風の紋章, Kaze no Monshō)

1 Wind of Sleep
Inflicts Sleep status on all enemies.
2 The Shredding
Inflicts 400 wind damage on one enemy.
3 Healing Wind
Fully heals and cures all negative statuses for one ally.
4 Storm
Inflicts 500 wind damage on all enemies.
Cost 8000 Potch
Drops Demon Sorcerer
Equipped Luc, Odessa (permanently equipped)
Found Castle of Toran (chest)
Sold Kobold Village


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