Wilds of Veile

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The Wilds of Veile (ヴェアルの荒野, Vuearu no Kōya) are a location that appears in Suikoden Tierkreis. They are a series of plains located in northern Astrasia.


The Wilds of Veile are a wilderness that spread out to the north of Pharamond. Originally, the area was comprised of lush meadows, but during the war between the Kingdom of Astrasia and the Order of the One True Way, sudden heavy rains would cause a series of landslides, decimating the Astrasian forces and turning the meadows into a wasteland.

The hero's company would later march through the wilds in their push to liberate Pharamond from the Order. The plains would continue to remain desolate until the war ended and the Kingdom of Astrasia was reestablished.


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