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Star of Destiny Tenzai Star
Illustration Miki Sato
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 37 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 412
From Lelcar, Queendom of Falena
Voice Yamagishi Isao (Suikoden V)

Wasil (ワシール, Washīru) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Wasil is an influential person in Lelcar local politics, providing a moderate influence between that of Orok and Volga.


Wasil served as the de facto leader of Lelcar's central islet as the town became increasingly divided along political lines in the run-up to the Sun Rune War. Wasil's diplomatic acumen helped keep the peace between the town's eastern and western islet who were often at odds with each other. Neither a Barows nor a Godwin supporter, Wasil could more accurately be described as a supporter of the monarchy itself, much like Lord Rovere. In fact, following the Lordlake Uprising in SY 447, Wasil signed a petition to save him from execution to no avail.

Still, he continued to support the monarchy as best he could as well helping to mediate between Orok and Volga with their opposing political views. As the Sun Rune War began to spread throughout Falena, Wasil send a request to the Imperial City Recapture Army to help Lelcar out of its plight. With Lord De Beers having fled the town, the tensions in Lelcar had stretched to breaking point between supporters of various factions. His enthusiasm upon meeting the Prince and Kyle, however, practically blew their cover.

Still, Wasil's work helped place the Recapture Army in a position to earn the trust of the citizens of Lelcar, first by rescuing several kidnapped 'draftees' to the Godwin Army and then by repelling Zahhak's forces which prepared to occupy the town. Swift action in dealing with the fire started by Zahhak to aid his retreat also earned the goodwill of the people. Following this, Wasil managed to forge an uneasy peace between Volga and Orok, the three of them agreeing to join the Prince's forces.

There, he developed a crush on the Island Nations Federation officer, Bernadette Egan, noting that he had always had a 'thing' for Island Nations women. In the past, Wasil's father had business dealings with the trader, Sairoh, who would also join the Prince's forces. Although not a warrior in any real sense of the word, Wasil was fiercely protective of Lelcar and so, during campaigns to protect the town from Godwin advances later during the war, Wasil served bravely as the general of an archery unit of his own, along with Wasil and Orok.

Following the conclusion of the Sun Rune War, Wasil went on to represent Lelcar in the New Parliament, his mediating talents helping to foster peace and promote new partnerships within Falena.


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