War of Succession

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The War of Succession (継承戦争 Keishō Sensō, Succession War) was a civil war waged in the Scarlet Moon Empire. The war took place seven years before the events of Suikoden and forms a part of the game's back story.


The War of Succession took place in SY 446 when Barbarosa Rugner, the youngest of seven sons, was appointed heir to the Scarlet Moon Empire by Emperor Michelan over Geil Rugner, Michelan's older brother who had previously been overlooked for the throne by their father. While Barbarosa was in Kunan, praying for good harvest, his father passed away and Geil took advantage of the opportunity enacting the 'Trial to remove the Crown Prince.' Geil Rugner was crowned Emperor and the civil war began.

Although the forces of Geil Rugner held the initial advantage, his harsh rule and tyrannical nature quickly lost him the support of the people while the loyalty of Barbarosa's Great Generals, the talents of Leon Silverberg as well as his own personal charisma and ability to inspire loyalty allowed Barbarosa's forces to eventually emerge victorious. The final key battle of the war was fought at the Fortress of Kwaba, where Generals Schmidt and Bergen unsuccessfully attempted to repel the march of Teo McDohl, although Gregminster was extensively damaged by the end of the war. Barbarosa killed Geil at Gregminster Palace, ending the war and claiming the throne.


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