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Star of Destiny Chifu Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Cave dwarf
From Dwarf Camp
Voice Ikeda Masaru (Suikoden V)

Wabon (ワボン, Wabon) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Wabon is the cantankerous, mining cart-obsessed cave dwarf of the Dwarf Camp.


Wabon was an elder cave dwarf who dedicated his life to building his tunnel that stretched from the Dwarf Camp all the way to the Deep Twilight Forest in the far west. His pride and joy was his long mine cart track that traveled at incredible speeds.

Although the plans were devised by him, a lot of the work was performed by his apprentice Dongo, whom he had taught a great deal in the art of smithing. Over the course of the Sun Rune War, he tried to prevent Dongo from joining the Imperial City Recapture Army on several occassions, but eventually fired his apprentice once he grew tired of him, which Dongo interpreted as his "blessing".

When the Godwin Faction attempted to exterminate the dwarves, Wabon joined the Recapture Army and gave them safe haven within the Dwarf Camp until they could reclaim their headquarters. Following the Sun Rune War, he was offered the position of delegate to the New Falenan Parliament, but instead he passed the job on to Gunde and returned to working on his tracks, taking Bergen on as his new apprentice.


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