Vinay del Zexay

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Vinay del Zexay (ビネ・デル・ゼクセ, Bine Deru Zekuse) is a location in Suikoden III. It is the capital city of the Zexen Federation.


The capital of the Zexen Federation, Vinay del Zexay boasts a modern city skyline as well as a beautiful harbour. The town was established by Gezel Hyatt who built a fortune in trade, developing a harbour and establishing a large trade route that would eventually to grow to stretch from the east to the Dunan Republic and west, across the ocean.

Situated by the sea, the city is built on the hills overlooking it. As such, the city boasts of a great few from a slope near the Seigal Gate. The gate, along with the magnificent and robust walls it forms part of, protects the city, including the bustling streets that spread across the vibrant port, teeming with businesses. These qualities have allowed Vinay del Zexay to flourish and it has grown into one of the pre-eminent cities on the northern continent.


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