Village of the Hidden Rune

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The Village of the Hidden Rune (隠された紋章の村, Kakusareta Monsyou no Mura) is a village which appears in Suikoden. It was the hidden home of the Rune of Life and Death until its destruction.


The Village of the Hidden Rune was a secluded community which guarded the Rune of Life and Death. The village's purpose is hidden from outsiders, who are encouraged to leave as soon as possible.

Some 300 years past, the village was attacked by Windy, Neclord and Yuber who were searching for the Soul Eater. The village was decimated during the conflict but the rune did not fall into Windy's hands. The Village Chief passed the rune to his grandson, Ted, and distracted Windy long enough for the child to escape.

The village would be razed by Yuber in the ensuing confrontation between Windy and the Village Chief, leaving the settlement seemingly abandoned.


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