Twilight Rune

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Twilight Rune
黄昏の紋章 Tasogare no Monshō
Type Magic Rune

The Twilight Rune (黄昏の紋章, Tasogare no Monshō) is a unique magic rune. It is one of the three runes of Falena, playing an integral role in the plot of Suikoden V.


The Twilight Rune is one of the three runes of Falena, and is normally housed in the West Palace. This rune was said to be one of the fragments shed from the Night Rune when it discarded its runic form to take on that of a sword. The Twilight Rune, with the Dawn Rune, is able to unlock certain powers of the Sun Rune. Rather than simply being a harbinger of death, the Sun Rune can be used to heal and renew. The Twilight and Dawn Runes can also combine their powers to create unique spells that can selectively wound and heal.

When the Sun Rune War broke out, the Godwin Faction began trying methods of extracting the Twlight Rune from its bust. The Rune did not willingly choose a host, so methods were taken to find an expert who extricate and attach the rune. The Runemaster, Jeane was summoned, and was successful in embedding the Rune onto Alenia. The Queen's Knight then left for the fortress of Doraat, to aid in its defense.

When the Imperial City Recapture Army breached the city gates, Alenia called upon the power of the Twilight Rune. The spell, although spectacular, did not overly damage the attacking forces, and they were able to regroup and take the town. Alenia remained in the castle, awaiting the Prince. She was repelled by the power of his Dawn Rune, and Zerase stepped forward to seize the Rune from her. However, Dolph intervened, and managed to flee with Alenia.

The Rune remained with Alenia until Sialeeds betrayed her allies to work with the Godwin Faction. The Twilight Rune willingly chose the Prince’s aunt, who left for the defense of Stormfist. As a chosen host for the rune, Sialeeds' attack was much more dangerous to the besieging army. The Prince was able enough to defeat Sialeeds, but again, failed to take the rune from its bearer.

Towards the war's end, Zerase confronted Sialeeds in Sol-Falena, but Sialeeds' power was too intense for her to overcome, even with her Star Rune. The Prince was once again able to defeat her, and the rune, in battle, however. At that point, the Sun Rune unleashed a great sphere of runic power in an attempt to crush the oncoming Recapture Army vessels. With the intervention of the Dawn Rune and Twilight Rune, however, the Sun Rune relented. With Sialeeds left completely drained from this, the Twilight Rune left her dying body, and implanted itself onto Lyon's right hand.

The rune continued with Lyon through the remainder of the conflict, but, like Sialeeds, she too would over-exert herself in the final battles of the war. Luckily, the power of the Sun Rune, when combined with the Dawn and Twilight, renewed her life to her, and the Twilight Rune continues in her possession.


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