True Water Rune

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True Water Rune
真なる水の紋章 Shin naru Mizu no Monshō
True Water Rune.png
Type True Rune

The True Water Rune (真なる水の紋章, Shin naru Mizu no Monshō) is one of the 27 True Runes. It is the rune of Wyatt Lightfellow and it appears in Suikoden III.


The True Water Rune is one of the five elemental True Runes and governs water. It was once in the possession of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia but was stolen some 50 years prior to the War of the Champions and inherited by Wyatt Lightfellow of the Zexen Federation. Wyatt would fight with the original Fire Bringer in their fight against Harmonian invasion.

In the years following the conflict, the Howling Voice Guild would hunt the True Water Rune under the command of Harmonia and Wyatt would eventually seal the rune in the Sindar Ruins in Grassland before taking refuge with the Karaya Clan under the pseudonym Jimba. When the War of the Champions broke out, Wyatt would attempt to reclaim the rune but would be killed by the Destroyers. His daughter, Chris would inherit the rune and wield it throughout the war.


True Water Rune.png
True Water Rune (真なる水の紋章, Shin naru Mizu no Monshō)

1 Kindness Rain
Water MGC. Heals 400HP for target + allies in area.
2 Silence Lake
Water MGC. Temporaily silences MGC chanting.
3 Mother Ocean
Water MGC. Restore 1 ally's HP + combat state.
4 Heavenly Drops
Water MGC. 1000DMG to foes.
Cost 0 Potch
Drops No enemy drops this rune.
Equipped Chris OR Hugo (plot event)
Found No location in-game contains this rune.
Sold No store in-game sells this rune.


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