True Lightning Rune

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True Lightning Rune
真なる雷の紋章 Shin naru Kaminari no Monshō
True Lightning Rune.png
Type True Rune

The True Earth Rune (真なる雷の紋章, Shin naru Kaminari no Monshō) is one of the 27 True Runes. It is the rune of Geddoe and it appears in Suikoden III.


The True Lightning Rune is one of the five elemental True Runes and governs the power of thunder. For over 70 years, this rune was in the possession of Geddoe, who fought alongside the Flame Champion and Wyatt Lightfellow in the original Fire Bringer's struggle against the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. It appears that Geddoe inherited the rune near the location of the Karaya Village.

During the War of the Champions, Luc would remove the rune from Geddoe as part of his plan to destroy the True Wind Rune but Geddoe would regain it at the Ceremonial Site prior to the final confrontation with Luc.


True Lightning Rune.png
True Lightning Rune (真なる雷の紋章, Shin naru Kaminari no Monshō)

1 Soaring Bolt
Lightning MGC. 900 DMG to foes.
2 Furious Blow
Lightning MGC. 1000 DMG to foes.
3 Thunder Storm
Lightning MGC. 1100 DMG to foes.
4 Hammer of Raijin
Lightning MGC. 1800 DMG to 1 foe.
Cost 0 Potch
Drops No enemy drops this rune.
Equipped Geddoe OR Hugo (plot event, Chapter 3)
Found No location in-game contains this rune.
Sold No store in-game sells this rune.


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