Toto Village

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Toto Village (トトの村, Toto no Mura) is a location which appears in Suikoden II. It is a small village located in eastern Muse Principality.


Toto Village lies on the north-eastern shores of Lake Dunan. Although the population is small, with only 800 residents, and the village has no major industry, its villagers are generally regarded as cheerful and have a very good reputation from passing travelers.

The rear of the village contains an important shrine, protected by the villagers. The door of the shrine is only opened once a year during the village's festival. At the beginning of the Dunan Unification War, the village was razed by the invading Highland Army turning it into a barren landscape. There, Jowy Atreides and his companion entered the shrine and received the Black Sword and Bright Shield Rune.


Item Shop
Accessory icon.png Medicine
Accessory icon.png Cape
Accessory icon.png Escape Talisman
Accessory icon.png Wooden Shoes
Accessory icon.png Antitoxin*
Head icon.png Feathered Hat*


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