Toran Republic

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Toran Republic

Capital Gregminster
Established SY 457
Rulers President
Lepant (457-Present)
Continent Northern continent
The Toran Republic (トラン共和国, Toran Kyōwakoku) is a country located in the southeast region of the Northern Continent. It is the successor of the Scarlet Moon Empire and was founded at the end of the first Suikoden game. It also appears in Suikoden II.


The Toran Republic encompasses the territories of the former Scarlet Moon Empire and borders the Dunan Republic to the north, a number of unknown territories to the west, Kanakan via an ocean border to the southwest and territories of the former Kooluk Empire to the south.

After the fall of the Scarlet Moon Empire to the forces of the Toran Liberation Army in the Gate Rune War, the Toran Republic was founded as a system of government to govern the Toran region. The leader of the Liberation Army, was expected to take up the mantel of President however prior to his appointment, the young leader left the country without a word. In his stead, Lepant, a prominent Liberation Army general, was appointed the first President of the fledgling nation.


The early part of the history of the Toran Republic focused on its attempts to reclaim land that the Scarlet Moon Empire had lost to Jowston during the Gate Rune War in the Senan region. In the year 458, Commander-in-Chief Kwanda Rosman led the Toran Army to battle and eventually the forces of Tinto and South Window withdrew from the area, bringing the region back under Toran control.

Two years later, President Lepant, fearing the power and ambitions of Luca Blight of Highland, entered into an alliance with the New State Army, which was attempting to unite the former City-State of Jowston to fight off Highland invasion. The Toran Republic sent a force 5,000 strong to aid the New State Army in their struggles. Following the foundation of the Dunan Republic, the two nations have built generally good relations.


Gregminster is the capital city of the Toran Republic, having only suffered slight damage towards the conclusion of the Gate Rune War. It is famous for its art and ceramics as well as the astounding Golden Goddess statue in the city's central plaza.

The Toran Republic also encourages the repopulation of towns destroyed by warfare, especially the town of Kalekka in Dana. The repopulation effort is slow but has been successful to some degree with Kalekka becoming an export of flour.

The Toran area also has a number of jujube plants. Vendors pick the fruit of the jujube, selling it in towns and cities across the Toran Republic.


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