Toran Castle

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Toran Castle, also known as the Lake Castle and the Ancient Castle of Toran, is a castle located by an island in the middle of Lake Toran. It served as the base of the Toran Liberation Army during the Gate Rune War.


Official Genso Suikoden Wallpaper featuring Toran Castle.

It has previously been used as the base for the Scarlet Moon Imperial Navy but was eventually abandoned in favor of the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade. Following its abandonment, lake pirates occupied the castle several times over the years in order to launch raids on the navy but were repelled each time. Eventually, Sonya Shulen left behind a Zombie Dragon in order to deter bandits and pirates from taking control of the castle. Since then, the castle had been shrouded in mist and had gained a reputation as being an extremely dangerous place to visit.

The castle was visible from the village of Kaku. In fact, the castle had become so dangerous that it had impacted the fishing there. This was rectified when the dragon was destroyed by the fledgling Liberation Army and became the rebel force's base of operations.

As the Liberation Army grew, the castle was expanded although it always retained its rocky, organic look. Following the war, the castle was mostly abandoned although several people still live there.


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