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The Tinto Republic (ティント共和国, Teinto Kyouwakoku) is a nation located on the Northern continent. It was founded after the events of Suikoden II and is mentioned frequently in Suikoden III.


The Tinto Republic is located across the mountains, in the eastern reaches of the Grassland. As Tinto City, it was a member of the City-State of Jowston but following the Dunan Unification War it declared its independence, becoming the Tinto Republic.

The former head of the Tinto's miner guild, Gustav Pendragon, was appointed the first president of the republic. Thanks to its mining revenue, it has a powerful army as well as a stable economy. The weapons and decorative items manufactured from Tinto's raw materials is the nation's primary source of income. As much of Tinto is mountainous, Tinto has repeatedly invaded the Grassland in hopes of claiming fertile land.


The Tinto Republic is located in the west of the Northern Continent. Tinto shares borders with the Dunan Republic in the east and the Grassland in the west.


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