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Star of Destiny Tenkai Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 16 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 460
Height 160cm (5'3") (Suikoden III)
From Nameless Lands
Family Lowma (father)

Thomas (トーマス, Tōmasu) is one of the protagonists of Suikoden III. He is a young man from the Nameless Lands who works to revitalise Budehuc Castle.


Suikoden III

Thomas' profile
“ An indecisive, ordinary young man and the master of Lake Castle. ”

Thomas is the illegitimate son of Zexen Council representative Lowma. He was raised in the Nameless Lands where he grew to have a timid personality and poor fighting ability. However, he is also a quietly determined person, willing to work hard.

He was raised in the Nameless Lands by his mother, but after her death in a Grassland raid, Thomas journeyed to Zexen per his mother's request to live with his father. However, as an illegitimate child was a political liability, Lowma quickly got rid of Thomas by assigning him lordship over the obscure, crumbling Budehuc Castle in Zexen's northern frontier. Thomas had no grand designs when coming to Zexen, save to see the face of the father he had never met.

There, without his father's negative influence over him, Thomas worked hard at winning the trust of the castle's residents and revitalising the area and its economy. To achieve this, Thomas attempted to make Budehuc Castle a free-trade zone, aided by a 50 year old treaty which marked the area as common ground for both Zexen and the Grassland. Although he did not have council approval, Thomas reasoned that the resident's livelihood mattered more than the bureaucratic process and forged ahead with a strong will.

As castle lord, he worked closely with Cecile, his guard commander, forming a firm friendship. When Cecile accompanied Thomas to Brass Castle, Salome pointed out that her position was not official, to her dismay. It was Thomas who would stand up for her, convincing Salome to agree to let Thomas appoint her as guard commander until an official appointment could be made. This would be one of Thomas' first official acts as lord of Budehuc Castle.

The Zexen Council would disapprove of Thomas' free trade actions when word eventually reached them and would send a small force to eject Thomas. Although Thomas had no real desire to rule a castle, he felt responsible for its care and indebted to the friends he had made there and began to take up weapons to defend his new home. Even when his resolve began to falter, hoping to leave the castle so as to spare his colleagues further hardship, Cecile would speak up, convincing him to stay. Thanks to the stratagems of Caesar Silverberg, Thomas and his friends were able to hold off the force before they were forced to withdraw due to political pressure instigated by Salome Harras.

To thwart the Zexen Council's designs, Thomas would sell the lease of Budehuc Castle to Lucia, chief of the Karaya Clan for a token sum of 500 potch before leasing it back at the rate of 1 potch per year for the next 500 years. This loophole, combined with Councillor Durabum's recall to Vinay del Zexay allowed Thomas to stay in control of the castle.

When the Fire Bringer was reformed in order to resist the invasion of the region by the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, Thomas grew as a lord as Budehuc Castle was seen as the best option for a secure headquarters. As such, he contributed greatly to the Fire Bringer during the War of the Champions and was a driving force behind their eventual victory. Following the war, thanks in part to Salome, Budehuc Castle continued to be recognised as a free trade zone, keeping Thomas very busy indeed.


  • Thomas is not very good at running but is a surprisingly adept swimmer.
  • Thomas has a sweet tooth but has a hard time handling spicy foods, preferring mild curry, which is more popular with small children.
  • Thomas was the first and is, as of now, the only Tenkai Star whose name is not chosen by the player. He is also the only Tenkai Star of the games set in the main universe who does not bear a True Rune throughout the game.


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