The Last Battle (Suikoden II)

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The Last Battle (最後の戦い Saigo no Tatakai) was the final battle of the Dunan Unification War. It was fought between the New State Army and the Highland Royal Army.


Immediately following the beginning of the New State Army advance at the Battle of L'Renouille, the follow-up push had the army march on the Highland Kingdom capital of L'Renouille leading to this final battle. Although they fought bravely, the Highland forces were completely overrun and the city was taken. Yuber withdrew before the battle while other units fell back once the New State Army began to enter L'Renouille.

Resistance still held firm in L'Renouille Palace, with Lucia, Han Cunningham, Seed and Culgan all challenging the advancing New State forces before being overcome. Once the New State troops defeated the Silver Wolf summoned by Leon Silverberg, the war was over.


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