The Last Battle (Suikoden)

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The Last Battle (最後の戦い Saigo no Tatakai) was the final battle in the Gate Rune War. It was fought between the Toran Liberation Army and the Scarlet Moon Imperial Army.


With the Liberation Army victory at the Battle at Floating Fortress Shasarazade, the only remaining Imperial citadel was Gregminster itself. Although 20,000 troops remained to defend Gregminster, Liberation Army morale had been raised by an impassioned speech and the resurrection of Gremio.

However, on the day of battle, scouting from Kirkis revealed that the Imperial Army under General Yuber numbered over 100,000. It was revealed by Leknaat that most of that number were monsters summoned by Windy's Gate Rune. Using her own Gate Rune, combined with Joshua Levenheit's Dragon Rune, the monsters were sent away, creating a much more even battlefield.

The Liberation Army emerged victorious in this final battle, clearing the path to Gregminster and the final confrontation with Emperor Barbarosa.


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