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Star of Destiny Tenkan Star

Ted (Suikoden).png

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Height 165cm (5'5") (Suikoden IV)
From Village of the Hidden Rune
Family Village Chief (grandfather)
Voice Akaishi Kouki (Suikoden IV)
Ishida Akira (Assemble Gensosuikoden Radio! 108 Stars!)

Ted (テッド, Teddo) is a supporting character in Suikoden and Suikoden IV and also makes a cameo in Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2. Ted is the previous owner of the Rune of Life and Death, who wandered the world for many years before bequeathing the Soul Eater to his best friend.


“ Tir.... In 300 years, you were my only... My only true friend. ”

Ted was the owner of the Rune of Life and Death and a survivor of the destruction of the Village of the Hidden Rune. Raised in the village, which had spent generations in hiding hoping to prevent the use of the cursed rune, Ted acquired his rune at a young age, when Windy came to the village seeking the rune. Ted's grandfather, the Village Chief passed it on to Ted and bade him to escape while Windy attacked the village. Ted was able to escape but would be forced to wander for over 300 years.

Half way through his wanderings, Ted attempted to escape the curse of the Soul Eater, boarding the Fog Ship and entrusting the rune to the Fog Ship Guide. He would sail on the Fog Ship for many years, physically growing while being removed from the rune's influence, before an encounter with the Headquarters Ship during the Island Liberation War reignited his soul. He would reclaim his True Rune and would agree to join the crew of the Headquarters Ship.

Because the curse of the Rune of Life and Death cast a shadow over his life, Ted tried to keep his distance around others. Deep inside however, he was a friendly boy who cherished his friends. Still, this cloud made him act stand-offish and rude to those who tried to get close to him, such as Aldo, although towards the end of the war he began to open up slightly more. Following the end of the conflict, he would resume his wanderings for another 150 years or so.

He would eventually be adopted by Teo McDohl, mistaken as a war orphan. Ted grew particularly close to Teo's son, considering him his only true friend in the past 300 years. When he, Ted and Kanaan travelled to Mt. Seifu, they encountered a Queen Ant, a monster they were unable to destroy. In order to save the group, Ted used the Rune of Life and Death. Upon their return to Gregminster, Windy was alerted to the rune's presence. Windy demanded that Ted give her the Soul Eater; Ted managed to get away, but was heavily injured and collapsed on the doorway of the McDohl's residence. Soon after, the Imperial Guard arrived to collect him. Ted passed on the rune to his friend, despite knowing the curse it would bring to him and urged him to leave while the Imperial Guard still thought that Ted had the rune.

Ted was captured and given a Conqueror Rune by Windy, which took control of his body. Forced by Windy to encounter his friend and regain the Soul Eater at Seek Valley, Ted was able to use the proximity of the Rune of Life and Death in order to regain some control of his actions. Mustering the power of the Soul Eater, Ted was able to gain just enough power to gain control of his body and commanded the Soul Eater to take his soul. In his final words, Ted addressed his best friend, telling him that to live his life to the fullest, for Ted's sake as well as his own. Ted's sacrifice may have been his own atonement for cursing his friend with the Soul Eater.

Game info

Ted (Suikoden portrait).png Recruit Joins automatically during plot events in Gregminster.
Info Level Gender Range W Type W Level Element Rune
1 Male L Bow 3 Wind ?????? Lock.png
Weapon Level 1 Steel Bow Equipment Head Cap
Level 6 Copper Bow Body Robe
Level 13 Gold Bow Other Male
Starting Equipment Head -- Other --

Medicine 6
Body Robe
Shield --



  • Ted shares the same weapon name as Odessa in Suikoden. They are stated to be common, mass-produced bows and are difficult for blacksmiths to work with.
  • In Suikoden II, a picture showing his portrait from the first game can be seen in Tir's room in Gregminster.
  • In Suikoden IV, he still uses a bow, but its name upon upgrading is different from his Suikoden appearance.


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