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Star of Destiny Chiyou Star
Illustration Kizaki Sub-Zero
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 32 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 417
From Sol-Falena, Queendom of Falena

Taylor (テイラー, Teirā) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Taylor is a justice-seeking reporter who uses the truth as his weapon in fighting corruption.


Taylor is a journalist and news reporter known for his unusual and varied ways of gathering information. Taylor used to believe that a reporter had to impartial and fair at all times, but after being arrested in Stormfist for being too aggressive in his investigations into the faction, his view began to slowly change. Although his beliefs slowly shifted, he always maintain his journalistic integrity, balking at creating "propaganda pieces" no matter the cause.

After conducting some interviews with the Imperial City Recapture Army and realising the lack of press restrictions there, Taylor agreed to join their cause, creating the forces official newspaper, the Dawn Times, in order to counteract the Godwin propaganda emanating from Sol-Falena during the Sun Rune War. His reports on the Godwin razing of Lelcar proved vital in the securing of Doraat as it was the spread of this information via the Dawn Times that convinced a panicked populace threw open to gates to Doraat, throwing the Godwin Army into confusion.

Although he was dedicated to printing the truth whenever possible, Taylor was able to restrain himself for the sake of the army, for example, he never revealed the idea of a double for the Prince. He's known Oboro for a quite a while, the two often exchanging information, although as the two both have wildly different occupations, Oboro keeping secrets and Taylor exposing them, sometimes things would get a little awkward but the two were generally friends.

Shula Valya noted that a man like Taylor could be worth over a hundred thousand soldiers. He also attempted to interview Georg Prime, Yahr and Richard as part of a special on foreigners fighting in the war but did not get much results. His planting of a news story in a special edition of the Dawn Times, however, was crucial in leading the thief, Raven, to the castle where he was captured.

After the war, Taylor journeyed to the New Armes Kingdom, looking for a scoop. He eventually ended up exposing massive corruption among the hard-line chieftains, weakening their influence further.


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