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Star of Destiny Tenki Star
Illustration Kizaki Sub-Zero
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 70 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 379
From Lordlake, Queendom of Falena
Voice Yoda Eisuke (Suikoden V)

Talgeyl (タルゲイユ, Tarugeiyu) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Talgeyl is a prominent figure in Lordlake, serving as its anchor point as the people struggle to survive.


Talgeyl is a former Falenan noble who dedicated himself towards helping and serving the devestated people of Lordlake following the Lordlake Uprising and the town's decimation by the Sun Rune. He was formerly a steward for Lordlake's Lord Rovere but after Lordlake was scorched and Rovere executed for treason, Talgeyl forsook his noble status.

He had initially planned to take his own life, however, the depression gripping Lordlake meant that others may have followed in his wake, so he reconsidered. Instead, his natural talents, even without his nobility, led him to become something of a de facto leader for the people of Lordlake in the years following the incident.

By SY 449, Talgeyl bore ill-will against Queen Arshtat and the Falenan government for making Lordlake a pariah in Falena, often harshly punished and isolated by both the Barows and Godwin factions, though he held little direct resentment towards the Prince, knowing he had nothing to do with the incident. When the Sun Rune War broke out, Talgeyl refused to ally with the Prince, who at the time was allied with the Barows. He noted that Lordlake would not work with either side in the war, not having the energy to do so while their problems continued.

When he learned what had truly happened during the Lordlake Rebellion, an angry Talgeyl did not know how to react. Later, when water was later restored to Lordlake by efforts of the Prince, a tearful Talgely realised that the Prince was not offering mere words but was willing to make things happen. Inspired by the Prince's deeds, Talgeyl agreed to have Lordlake ally with the Imperial City Recapture Army.

At the army's headquarters at Ceras Lake, Talgeyl frequently offered advice on various situations throughout the war. He would have a heart-to-heart talk with Galleon where it was revealed that both was worried that each bore a grudge against the other for not preventing Lord Rovere's death two years prior. He also often engaged in tea ceremonies with Raja and other older members of the Recapture Army. However, his stubborn nature sometimes led him to clash with the Admiral over the making of tea, of all things.

Following the Sun Rune War, he became the first Chairperson of the New Parliament. By using Lord Rovere's style of diplomacy, he was able to facilitate the implementation of the new political regime throughout Falena.


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