Sun Rune War

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The Sun Rune War (太陽の紋章戦争, Taiyō no Monshō Sensō) was a civil war that took place within the Queendom of Falena. It forms the majority of the plot of Suikoden V.


In SY 449, Marscal Godwin enacted his plot to assassinate Queen Arshtat Falenas, which would make his son, Gizel, the fiance (and later husband) of the ascending Princess Lymsleia, in charge, granting the Godwin Faction control over the Queendom of Falena. This coup would mark the beginning of the Sun Rune, with the escape of the royal family's Prince leading to the formation of the Imperial City Recapture Army to resist the Godwin regime.

With the aid of prodigious strategist Lucretia Merces, the Recapture Army would fight against the Godwin army into SY 450 before finally liberating Sol-Falena and achieving victory. In one final gambit, Marscal Godwin would steal the Sun Rune and flee to the Ashtwal Mountains but was hunted down and defeated, bringing an end to the conflict.

Following the war, with both of Falena's largest noble houses decimated, the Falenan government transition from noble-backed senatorial politics to a more egalitarian parliamentary system under the rule of Queen Lymsleia.


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