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Stormfist (ストームフィスト, Sutōmufisuto) is a location seen in Suikoden V. It is a very large city in the western part of the Queendom of Falena.


Stormfist is the second-largest city in the entire Queendom of Falena and had been ruled for the last century by the Godwin Faction after they took over the city and surrounding lands from the House of Aethelbald. Even further in the past, Stormfist was in fact the capital of Falena, but it was moved by Queen Khorshed to Sol-Falena in SY 233.

The Stormfist Arena, famous for its gladiator battles and the hosting arena for the Sacred Games was a prominent symbol of Stormfist's importance to the nation. To the rear of the arena, the towering Godwin Castle surveys the entire city.

During the time of the Sun Rune War, the town was sharply divided into two districts by Marscal Godwin, forcing the poorer resident into a slum-style "New Town", while the nobles continued to enjoy the amenities of the main city itself.


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