Speed Ring

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Speed Ring
Artwork from Suikoden


First game


The Speed Ring (スピードリング, Supīdoringu) is a type of equipment available in Suikoden.

The Speed Ring is a useful accessory due to the speed bonus it provides on top of its strong defensive abilities. However, in the first Suikoden, they are fairly rare, only available as enemy drops.


This magic ring increases the speed of the person wearing it. By doing so, not only did it boost the user's defence but it also allowed them to attack before their enemies by hastening their movements. The Mirage monsters around Moravia occasionally dropped these rings.


Speed Ring (スピードリング, Supīdoringu)

Effect DEF +13, SPD +15
Type Male accessory
Cost 13000 Potch
Drops Mirage
Equipped Luc (permanently equipped)
Found No location in-game contains this item.
Sold No store in-game sells this item.


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