Sonya Shulen

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Sonya Shulen
Star of Destiny Tenjyu Star
Sonya Shulen.png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 28 (Suikoden)
Birth Year SY 430
From Gregminster, Toran Republic
Family Kilauea Shulen (mother)

Sonya Shulen (ソニア・シューレン, Sonia Shūren) is a character in Suikoden. Sonya is an admiral in the Scarlet Moon Empire and the Toran Republic.


Sonya Shulen
“'re beginning to resemble General Teo..... ”

Sonya Shulen held a position as one of the Five Great Generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire. She is the daughter of Kilauea Shulen, who had fought in the War of Succession. Sonya inherited her mother's position as a Great General and commander of the navy after her untimely death. She is said to have developed something of a complex from having to live up to the name and reputation of her highly esteemed mother.

In the past, she had a fierce rivalry with Anji, based on her position as a naval commander and his work as a pirate, and had led battles and raids against one another on several occasions. Anji went so far as to pin a wedding dress to the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade, a jab at Sonya's unwed status, saying that "This woman can still wear white!", that was said to have rendered her apoplectic with rage. In return, she arranged for the bandits to capture a supply of high-quality liquor only to lead a raid when the bandits were all drunk, dealing a large blow to their operations.

Sonya was involved romantically with Teo McDohl during the Gate Rune War and the war would lead her to fight against his son, the leader of the Toran Liberation Army. Her grudge intensified when she heard that Teo had been killed by his son in combat. She protected the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade and continued to fight on even after the battle was lost and the fortress engulfed in flames, both as a proud warrior of the Empire and to avenge the loss of the man she loved.

Defeated in combat, she attempt to kill herself only to be stopped and taken back to Toran Castle. Even after her capture, she refused to cooperate with the Liberation Army for a time until she gradually came to accept Teo's death and the reasoning behind it. After talking with Cleo and the hero, she would agree to aid the Liberation Army, stating that she wished to see him die herself. Following the war, she became the admiral of the Toran Republic navy.

Game info

Sonya Shulen (portrait).png Recruit Talk to Sonya in the cell in the basement of your castle following the Battle at Floating Fortress Shasarazade. Ask her to join you, then tell her you don't care that she hates you.
Info Level Gender Range W Type W Level Element Rune
48 Female S 1H sword 11 Water Water
Weapon Level 1 Blue Equipment Head Helmet
Level 7 Turquoise Blue Body Light armour
Level 13 Royal Blue Other Female
War Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
Soldier Beauties Magic 250 13 4
Starting Equipment Head -- Other Crimson Cape Lock.png

Body Leather Armor
Shield --


  • If you are playing Suikoden efficiently for completion purposes, Sonya will be the last character you get to join.
  • The blue magic-burst attack that Sonya uses when you fight her is not available through any rune in the game.
  • There is a black cat who hangs out at the Mercenary Fortress in Suikoden II that, when inspected, will say "Sonya...". This is not a reference to Sonya, however, but rather a mistranslation of the cat meowing.
  • Despite being the leader of the Soldier Beauties unit, Sonya can only be used as such in the last battle.


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