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Star of Destiny Chiki Star
Sigurd (Suikoden IV).png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 25 (Suikoden IV)
27 (Suikoden Tactics)
Birth Year SY 283
Height 185cm (6'1") (Suikoden IV)
Voice Nose Ikuji (Suikoden IV)

Sigurd (シグルド, Shigurudo) is a major character in Suikoden IV who also appears in Suikoden Tactics. Sigurd is a pirate and one of Kika's closest assistants.


“ We may be pirates, but... Not all pirates are bad people. ”

Sigurd was a pirate who worked closely alongside Kika. He had come into her service when Kika had saved his life and since then he's worked to repay that personal debt he felt he owed. Before that, he had worked for the Middleport fleet, leading the fleet for Schtolteheim Reinbach II and carrying out his dirty work. He would be grievously injured in the battle against the pirate Steele and was rescued by Kika, to whom he pledged his loyalty. Since then, the assassin Keen had been tracking him for some time, in order to ensure that any secrets Sigurd knew of the fleet would remain hidden.

He was rather prudent and calm, making him quite the opposite of his colleague Hervey. The two were enemies in Sigurd's past life in Middleport and Hervey had sworn loyalty to Kika in much the same manner as Sigurd following the battle with Steele. Still, the two worked well together and trusted each other, serving faithfully under Kika. When Kika agreed to join forces with the leader of the resistance against the Kooluk Empire, Sigurd would join as well.

During the major battles of the Island Liberation War, Sigurd often took the helm of the Grishend. He would also encounter Keen in Middelport during the war but was able to persuade him to not kill him. Once the conflict ended, Sigurd returned to the Pirate's Nest with the rest of Kika's crew and continued to work hard to assist their operations.

He also later joined Kyril on his mission to destroy the Rune Cannons together with Hervey. The two of them were asked by Dario to train Nalleo and they are impressed how much he improved. He still remained loyal to Kika after the Rune Cannons were destroyed.


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