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Star of Destiny Chido Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Winged Horde
Age 21 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 440
From Two River City, Dunan Republic

Sid (シド, Shido) is a character in Suikoden II. Sid is a Winged Horde who enjoys teasing children, particularly Chaco.


Sid is a Winged Horde who hung around with Chaco as a child[1]. Eventually, Sid claimed he was going to move away from Two River City, but in actuality moved into the sewers beneath the city.

When Hero (Suikoden II) and Chaco went into the sewers, they encountered Sid. Sid, after finding out that Chaco had become a member of the New State Army, decided he, too, would join, much to the dismay of Chaco[2].

Sid continued to taunt Chaco at the New State Army Headquarters, telling him scary stories in order to give him nightmares[3]. At the same time, Sid also attempted to scare others, telling terrifying stories to a group of children[4] and sending cursed chain letters via the suggestion box[5].

Following the Dunan Unification War, Sid returned to Two River and continued to do his best to frighten the townfolk[6].

Personality and Traits

Sid was frequently said to behave bizarrely. Sid was spotted walking around on his hands upside-down[7] and burying the skeletons of fish that he had eaten, amassing over 100 graves[8].

Sid also loved to scare others, telling children such scary stories that some emptied their bowels[9]. Sid had a special fondness for teasing and scaring Chaco, frequently giving him nightmares[10]. Sid claimed he was like a big brother to Chaco[11], but Chaco claimed Sid used him as a toy for his amusement[12].

Sid enjoyed solitariness, and claimed to have moved into the sewers after telling everyone he was leaving town because he did not want others to find him[13]. Despite this, his presence was known to a few people, including a winger child[14] and Taki, who considered Sid a bit shy[15].


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