Shula Valya

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Shula Valya
Star of Destiny Tenkyuu Star
Shula Valya.png
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 29 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 420
From New Armes Kingdom
Family Yuma Valya (sister)
Voice Tōchika Kōichi (Suikoden V)

Shula Valya (シュラ・ヴァルヤ, Shura Vuaruya) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Shula Valya is the commander of the Armes Western Marine Corps and a member of the moderate Madra Clan in New Armes politics.


Shula Valya served as the young commander of the Armes Western Marine Corps. However, despite his relative youth, he was more than capable of leading such a unit, being a highly clever, savvy person as well skilled at political intrigue and diplomacy. In addition he was a scion of the prestigious Valya family, part of the moderate Madra Clan as well as the brother of Josephine (her real name being Yuma Valya). He was also assisted in his work by the highly capable Nifsara and Sharmista.

Initially during the New Armes Kingdom's entry into the Sun Rune War, he would be ordered to take the city of Estrise and to maintain a close watch over the Armes Southern Mountain Corps, in order to prevent any massacres from occurring. Realising that this war with Falena was not to Armes' benefit, he would treat Estrise as a vacation for his men before withdrawing peacefully.

When New Armes withdrew from the war entirely, Shula would make overtures to the Imperial City Recapture Army, requesting to cooperate as a form of apology. The true reason behind this show of generosity, of course, was to prevent the dangerously belligerent Marscal Godwin from attacking New Armes with the power of the Sun Rune should he emerge victorious. With the support of King Jalat and the clan chiefs, Shula would serve as an unofficial goodwill ambassador to the rebel forces.

Following the war, Shula would work hard to forge a pact of friendship with the new Falenan government, becoming the New Armes ambassador to Sol-Falena.


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