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Star of Destiny Tentai Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 14 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 435
From Queendom of Falena
Voice Irie Takeo (Suikoden V)

Shoon (シュン, Shun) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Shoon is a young gladiator who fights for a living in the arenas of Stormfist.


Shoon was a young gladiator with a strong sense of justice. Born in a village so small that it isn't marked on any maps, he volunteered to become a gladiator in order to use his proficient martial arts talents to help his poor family. As a gladiator, he learned to harbour antipathy towards the Falenan aristocracy for the abuse they heaped down on slaves and gladiators in the past while holding a measure of respect and trust towards the royal family for their part in curbing abuses.

It was this trust that led Shoon to sneak out of captivity to warn the Prince and his comrades of the whispers he had heard which suggested someone was planning to assassinate Queen Arshtat during the Sacred Games. Helping the Prince uncover the conspiracy, the two became friends and for the festival opening, Shoon would be chosen to duel the Prince in a special exhibition match.

Shoon would remain in captivity in Stormfist during the Sun Rune War but when the Imperial City Recapture Army attacked the city, he would help launch a surprise attack with the aid of his fellow gladiators and slaves and joined the rebel force, hoping to use his fists to carve out a future for the released gladiators. With the Godwin Faction crumbling, he was free to do as he wished without worrying about reprisals against his family.

During his time with the army, he would continue to look up to Belcoot and Zegai, both of whom had strong reputations as gladiators themselves. He also got along well with Nikea as they both held an affinity for the martial arts.

Once the Sun Rune War ended, Shoon set out on a journey to find and rescue gladiators and slaves who were sold to other countries, all whilst continuing to train.


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