Sgt. Joe

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Sgt. Joe
Star of Destiny Tenko Star
Sergeant Joe (Suikoden III).png
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Duck
Age 29 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 447
Height 150cm (4'11") (Suikoden III)
From Duck Village

Sgt. Joe (ジョー軍曹, Jō Gunsō), real name Jordi (ジョルディ, Jorudi), is a major character in Suikoden III. Sgt. Joe is a veteran soldier of the Duck Clan who supports and guides Hugo's development as a warrior.


Sgt. Joe' profile
“ A veteran soldier who has survived life-or-death crises. His weapon is called a Duck Halbert.”

Sgt. Joe is a battle-scarred veteran who has fought on many battlefields making him a hero of the Duck Clan. It is battle experience that makes him more military minded, originally he was more cheerful and open-hearted like most Ducks. The nickname "Sgt. Joe" comes from the respect others have for him as a soldier.

He has served as something of a tutor to Hugo since he was a child, supporting him up to and through the War of the Champions. He helped to guide Hugo's development as a warrior, helping him cope with the death of Lulu and his growing responsibility as a hero.

Jordi is a handsome man by duck standards and he was once married, with children but has since divorced. Following the war, he would reunite with his wife, dedicating himself to his children.


  • Sgt. Joe's weapon upgrades as Prajuri, Rati Prajuri, Myste Prajuri.
  • He learns the unique skills Heavy Damage and Chanting Volume. Competent in every area, Joe does not rise above a B+ in any particular skill however.
  • He has a unite attack with Shabon, the Mounted Attack, in which she humorously rides on his back into battle. He also participates in the Adonis Attack with Bazba and Ruby, something of a parody of the more traditional Adonis / Pretty Boy Attacks in the series, as it is very similar to the one done by Futch, Franz and Fred Maximillian.
  • In the Suikoden III manga, Sgt. Joe is shown to be a heavy smoker, although this is never shown in-game.



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