Seek Valley

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Seek Valley (シークの谷 Shīku no Tani) is a location which appears in Suikoden. It is a valley located to the southwest reaches of the Toran region.


Seek Valley, is a relatively obscure and mostly unexplored area as it surrounded by steep mountains and is readily accessible only by dragon, as such the Knights of the Dragon's Den are one of the few groups with any knowledge of the valley at all. Located to the southwest of the Dragon Knight's Domain, beautiful crystal grow there. However, it is also very dangerous and no person who has ever gone there in attempt to remove said crystals have ever returned. The rare plant moonlight weed also grows there.

While searching for the moonlight weed, McDohl encountered Ted for the final time before his death here, under the control of Windy. The famed blacksmith, Mace had retired to Seek Valley to live out his days in isolation until persuaded by his disciples to join the Toran Liberation Army.


Enemy Units
Name Lv HP Bits Drop
Ivy 49 250 2000 Head Gear 1.31%
Queen Ant.png
Queen Ant 52 800 6500 Silver Hat 0.65%
Rock Buster.png
Rock Buster 51 600 2500 Mega Medicine 1.96%
Taikioku Wear 1.31%
Wyvern 53 1000 5500 Power Gloves 1.04%
Crystal Core.png
Crystal Core 60 5000 70000 N/A
Name Class Lv # Inventory


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