Secret Factory

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The Secret Factory (ひみつこうじょう Himitsu Koujou) is a location which appears in Suikoden. It is a building located in the southern Dana region.


The secret factory was a building located to the north of the razed village of Kalekka. The factory served to manufacture weapons, in secret, for the Toran Liberation Army. The blueprint for the Fire Spear was delivered by Kage to the factory.

Following the fall of the Liberation Army's Lenankamp base and the crackdown on rebel activities, contact with the factory was lost and its status was unknown until it was felt it was necessary to journey there in the hope of retrieving fire spears to battle Teo McDohl with. The factory had indeed survived and was staffed by Mose and Ronnie Bell, who supplied the weapons needed before joining the main Liberation Army force at Toran Castle.