Second Battle with Teo

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The second Battle with Teo (テオとの戦い(2回目), Teo to no Tatakai (1-kai-me) ) was a battle in the Gate Rune War. It was fought between the Toran Liberation Army and the Scarlet Moon Imperial Army.

Following the disastrous First Battle with Teo, the Liberation Army discovered that the Secret Factory had survived the Imperial crackdown and procured Fire Spears to try and counter Teo McDohl's Armored Cavalry with. The Fire Spears performed even better than expected. The Armored Cavalry were decimated as the Liberation Army served Teo McDohl his first defeat in warfare.

Even with his army defeated, however, Teo, backed by his generals Alen and Grenseal, refused to surrender to the Liberation Army and challenged his son to a one-on-one duel. Teo was defeated and the battle ended with his dying, giving his blessing to his son.


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