Second Battle at Scarleticia Castle

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The Second Battle at Scarleticia Castle (第二次スカーレティシア城攻略 Dainiji Sukāreteishia Shiro Kouryaku, Second Scarleticia Castle Battle) was a battle in the Gate Rune War. It was fought between the Toran Liberation Army and the Scarlet Moon Imperial Army.

Following the rescue of the great doctor Liukan from Soniere Prison, an antitoxin could be prepared for the poisonous effects of Antoinette, the giant flower under Milich Oppenheimer's control. Now able to battle as normal, the Liberation Army marched once more for Scarleticia Castle where they managed to defeat the Imperial Army, freeing the beleaguered rebels in Kunan.

After the battle, the poisonous flowers were destroyed but the celebration was cut off when news of Teo McDohl's approach quickly became known.


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