Scarlet Moon Empire

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Scarlet Moon Empire

Capital Gregminster
Established SY 230
Dissolution SY 457
Rulers Emperor
Cranach Rugner (230-?)
12 or 13 unknown Emperors
Kallnach Rugner (?)
Michelan Rugner (?-448)
Geil Rugner (448)
Barbarosa Rugner (448-457)
Continent Northern continent
The Scarlet Moon Empire (赤月帝国, Aka Tsuki Teikoku) was a nation located on the Northern continent. It is the setting for the first Suikoden game.


The former Scarlet Moon Empire was originally the territory of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. In the year 230, during the civil war in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia that occurred, Cranach Rugner, a noble warlord with the title of Knight of the Scarlet Moon declared independence, the newly established empire bearing his title of the Scarlet Moon.

After its foundation, territorial and border conflicts soon sprang up at its southern border with the Kooluk Empire. The two nations finally came to a tense cease-fire agreement around the time of the Island Liberation War but Kooluk would collapse soon afterwards from internal strife. Scarlet Moon would then take advantage of this opportunity to a absorb a large portion of the former Kooluk territories.

Since then the Scarlet Moon Empire continued to rule a vast territory centred around Lake Toran for almost 230 years. But during the reign of the 17th Emperor, Barbarosa Rugner, the political system seriously deteriorated. The resulting tyranny and corruption that had spread led to the populace becoming dissatisfied with those running the Empire.

This in turn led to the rise of the Toran Liberation Army and their small uprising, brought together by Odessa Silverberg. Following Odessa's death, her position, as well as her aspirations, was inherited by the son of Teo McDohl, who led the New Liberation Army and in the year 457, they were victorious over the Scarlet Moon Empire. The eternal glory the Scarlet Moon Empire boasted of was destroyed and Lepant was established as the first president of the Toran Republic.


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