Sara Blight

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Sara Blight
Unknown Female.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Family Agares Blight (husband)
Jillia Blight (daughter)
Luca Blight (son)

Sara Bright (サラ・ブライト, Sara Buraito) is a minor character who is mentioned in Suikoden II. She is the deceased wife of Agares Blight.


Sara was the wife of Agares Blight, King of Highland and the mother to Luca and Jillia.

In 432, immediately after the signing of the peace agreement between Highland and Jowston by Genkaku and Han Cunningham, Agares, Sara and Luca would visit the City-State. On their way back, however, they were attacked by a group of bandits. The bandits were clad in State Army equipment and one theory is that they were sent by Muse City.

Although Agares managed to escape, Sara and Luca were left behind. Sara Blight was raped during this time before Han Cunningham was able to arrive and drive off the brigands. Sara would later given birth to Jillia. However, the events had left her broken mentally and she passed away soon afterwards.


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