Salum Barows

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Salum Barows
Salum Barows.png
Illustration Hozumi Riya
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 64 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 385
From Rainwall, Queendom of Falena
Family Alison Barows (wife)
Euram Barows (son)
Hiram Barows (son)
Luserina Barows (daughter)
One unnamed daughter
Voice Yoda Eisuke (Suikoden V)

Salum Barows (サルム・バロウズ, Sarumu Barōzu) is an antagonist in Suikoden V. He is the opulent and loquacious head of the illustrious Barows Faction.


Salum Barows was the head of the great Barows Faction, one of the most powerful noble factions in the Queendom of Falena. He was also the father of Euram and Luserina Barows, as well as his two older children who had died previously. He was a skillful politician and a talented orator who could usually get his own way through his verbal talents.

In SY 438, the Falenan royal family began a bitter struggle over succession to the throne with Queen Olhazeta's death. Salum Barows was one of the major players in pushing Falzrahm to claim the throne as her husband, Kauss, was a member of his house. Following the ascension of Falzrahm to the throne, the Barows Faction became one of the most powerful houses in Falena, rivaled only by the Godwin Faction. Over the years, the two factions would clash in the senate.

When the Sun Rune War broke out in SY 449, Salum Barows offered refuge to the escaping Prince and his companions. During the Prince's time in Rainwall, Salum would try and encourage him not only to marry his daughter, Luserina, but to crown himself king also. Despite his obvious plays for power, the Prince had no option but to continue to cooperate even if he did reject Salum's more extreme proposals.

However, once it was revealed that Salum was responsible for not only the Lordlake Uprising but the theft of the Dawn Rune from the East Palace, the Prince finally left his protection. Salum also had Luserina abandon him and saw his once stalwart ally, Boz Wilde, leave him also. In the wake of this desertion, Salum would bluster about revenge but would mostly stew in Rainwall, fearful of attacks from the now-ruling Godwins.

Towards the end of the Sun Rune War, however, he would be murdered in his home by Sialeeds, who wished to wipe out both the Barows and the Godwins to facilitate change in the country's government by the war's end. His death would mark the beginning of the end for Falena's corrupt, crumbling noble-based government.


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